Unifier Spotlight: Ryan Eckenrode at Veriforce

In 2024, we are seeing an effort to unify teams around core asset journeys. In this endeavor, Unifiers are the bridge builders. Their work is critical to not only “fixing” execution bridges, but to constructing bigger and better bridges to align their team’s growth. 

In Part 4 of our “Unifier Spotlight” series (Part 3) Ryan Eckenrode joined me to discuss his role building bridges as a Unifier at Veriforce. After his work with the Veriforce Contractor Journey, Ryan has a wealth of tangible insights on unified execution - take a look below!

What is your favorite meal?

“Pizza is my favorite food, haha. I love plain cheese and pepperoni with green peppers. My wife and I usually split a pizza halfway.”

What’s something about you that most people don’t know?

“I’m extremely interested in physics, specifically astrophysics, and most topics relating to astronomy. I watch a lot of documentaries, listen to podcasts, and have read some fascinating books."

What does your day-to-day look like?

“Typically, quite a bit of research and analysis as they relate to our Contractor Journey and internal operations. I tend to follow the good ol' People, Process, Technology (and data) Framework. This is closely followed by constantly seeing how we can improve the customer experience with value in mind as well as our employee experience with success and efficiency in mind. You know, how can we improve or evolve our current processes so our execution across the business continues optimally. Often, problem-solving comes into play as well. You can rarely add or change something without impacting several other areas or elements. It's really important to step back, view the entire puzzle, then step back in, now understanding the direct and indirect impact of the specific puzzle piece you are working on may have." 

In the past 12 months, what part of the business has your organization focused on connecting/integrating more?

“We’ve recently started focusing on evolving the Contractor experience, which is key to our network business. The main areas we have started targeting are communications, intel, value-based training, and product experience. This involves picking out areas that need immediate attention with our longer-term vision in mind.”

What would "the pinnacle" of unified execution look like in your business?

“Everyone in the entire company, regardless of position or function, align to the same unified Journey and operating model; marching towards a common set of clear cascading goals."

As a Unifier, what execution traps would you avoid?

“Don’t underestimate the importance of data and system alignment to whatever deliverables you are aiming to execute on. If you don’t have your data and systems unified and a common methodically planned for that rollout, it makes the work very difficult. I’ve seen a lot of companies struggle - not because they lack great ideas or goals, but because they aren’t able to execute due to one or both of these areas.”

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