Unifier Spotlight: Tierney Pretzer at Numeric

At Uniply, we believe that Unifiers are the maestros in organization, who ensure that their entire corporate "orchestra" is playing one coherent and moving tune. That is why we are so excited to kick off our new "Unifier Spotlight" series.

Each month, we'll interview a new "Unifier" - someone who plays a key role in unifying journeys and teams within their organization.

To kick off our new “Unifier Spotlight” series, Tierney Pretzer, joined me to discuss her role as the Head of Growth at Numeric. Tierney is an outdoor enthusiast, spending her weekends biking, running and hiking. A Duke alumna, her background in B2B SaaS has equipped her with a wide, but deep range of understanding of unifying organizations.

What’s something about you that most people don’t know?

“When I was younger, I had my sights set on becoming the Pope. I also owe much of how I think about leadership and my comfort in public speaking to my involvement in Future Farmers of America (FFA) growing up in a rural community— while I'm not in agriculture now, many of the lessons have been transferable to my roles in start-ups.”

What show or movie are you currently obsessed with?

“I am deeply obsessed with Shark Tank. I love to pretend I am an investor evaluating pitches and often purchase the products afterwards.”

What does your day-to-day look like?

“My day-to-day is a combination of thinking deeply about what we should focus on/how we approach problems related to Numeric's presence in the market, and then drilling down and tactically solving those problems.

For example, this week I focused on our email strategy to prospective customers, answering questions around: who we should send emails to & on what frequency, how can we make each email valuable to customers, AND then establishing the actual email templates and contact lists in HubSpot. Across everything, I'm often considering how to evolve any solution as we grow, ensuring it is scalable, flexible and, if need be, undoable.”

What would "the pinnacle" of unified execution look like in your business?

“Since we are an earlier start-up, it is much easier to naturally have a high amount of unity. Right now, “the pinnacle” of unification involves everyone understanding what we are marching towards, their role in achieving our goals, and how they can lend their talent to others to help us all scale.”

How do you measure the impact of your top revenue-generating asset throughout its journey?

“We measure the success of our customers increasingly by the amount of customer referrals or friends of friends we speak with via our ‘Customer Evangelists’. Focusing on customer referrals tells us that not only are our customers using our product, but they are actively excited enough to share with others."

What is the journey that you are most proud to have worked on together with 1 or more functional leaders?

“With Numeric, while still in the early days, I am most proud of shaping how our brand makes people feel. Everyone wants their brand impression to be positive, but I've enjoyed shaping conversations with greater specificity — how can we reflect our internal ethos to be product focused externally? How can we emphasize the product's ease of use and flexibility through every asset, blog post, conversation we have with customers? All of which come directly from partnering with our team, including our CEO, product and customer success folks."

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