How to Leverage Technology to Reach Unified Execution

Are your technology solutions more of a maze than a roadmap? These days, businesses pour resources into software to simplify how teammates work together – but the reality often falls short.

The kicker is that, according to Forbes, companies are spending around $3500 per employee on SaaS tools. That’s a tremendous amount of revenue.

The solution lies in unification. It’s about helping companies understand their position and how to advance. In this article, we’ll walk you through how having a “single source of truth” can facilitate better execution across different functions and more.

Silos and Shadows: The Hidden Challenges of Modern Business Technology

Businesses today rely heavily on an overwhelming amount of technology. Ideally, one software would provide a comprehensive and actionable system of record to unify your key journeys. Its purpose would be to offer a singular measurement source for actionable insights across a company.

Yet, the reality is that this doesn’t happen.

Instead, companies use an array of platforms that provide very specific insights, creating a ton of digital noise. Rather than having a single source of truth, it's a diluted collection of insights and tools that lack high-level clarity and actionable improvements.

But the challenges don’t stop at just noise. Many companies are entangled in a web of secondary applications. These tools – while promising to fill execution gaps – often fall short of delivering substantial value. The metrics that matter get lost in translation, and businesses are left to question the return on their software investments.

“It’s long been recognized that cross-functional collaboration is essential. Still, stubborn silos that bog down execution, hamper innovation, and slow decision-making are still a common and persistent challenge.”

- Harvard Business Review

The absence of a unified vision stunts growth. Disparate systems breed confusion and only paint a fragment of a business’ health. For instance, sales, marketing, and other functions operate on divergent truths and metrics, making it challenging for executives to gauge overall performance.

When there is no leadership visibility, teams are confused as well. Plus, the rush to adopt the latest tools without aligning how they work with other systems further complicates this issue. It’s a frustrating situation across the board.

But there is a solution.

Cutting Through the Clutter: How Uniply Paves a Path to Unified Execution

Uniply transforms your overloaded tech stack into a streamlined force for growth. Our approach begins with unifying your key asset journey. We align your highest-value assets, such as customers, with your business functions to align execution.

For example, we recently worked with a leader in the API industry who used 17 different tools. Our analysis showed that only three of those tools were vital to successful execution. And this is a common situation! By focusing on what genuinely adds value, we guided the company to shed unnecessary layers.

Our SaaS solution is built on a core principle: establish a primary system of record that offers true insights. This becomes the beacon guiding all other software integrations. You only use what is truly vital, and avoid unnecessary cost sinks.

When you engage with Uniply, you tap into truly unified execution. Through this approach, you will see the following benefits:

  • Unified operations without the clutter of excessive tools

  • Enhanced visibility and insights across functions

  • A shift from quantity to quality in your tech stack composition

“Don’t underestimate the importance of data and system alignment to whatever deliverables you are aiming to execute on. If you don’t have your data and systems unified and a common methodically planned for that rollout, it makes the work very difficult.”

- Ryan Eckenrode, Unifer at Veriforce

Understanding the Unified Execution Score™

Once we align your software needs with your key functions, we build a Unified Execution Score™, specific to your unified journey, as a benchmark for success. This metric gives you a clear numerical value that illustrates how well your company is unified.

What does that look like in practice, though? Oftentimes, each function has its own tool that acts as the source of truth – but then Uniply creates an organizational blanket of intelligence by weaving them together.

But what makes the UES™ stand out is that it’s dynamic, not static. This isn’t something you receive every quarter, or even every month! It is based on real-time feedback and updates on a daily basis. The agility means the tools your company utilizes can scale up and down with your needs. Leaders can act on information – now, and tomorrow.

The UES™ provides the following:

  • Constant feedback loops with daily updates and insights

  • The ability to swiftly pivot and adapt, keeping you competitive and proactive

  • A departure from rigid review processes while continuously improving

Remember, the ultimate goal is not to accumulate tools but to use insights that help move the business forward. With Uniply, you’re positioned to thrive by making informed decisions for growth!

Break Down Walls & Unify Execution for the Future

Technology often complicates as much as it simplifies. But with Uniply, that doesn’t need to be the case. Our journey with each client goes beyond offering a new software. Instead, it’s a partnership toward clarity and unified execution.

With the Unified Execution Score™ and our commitment to real-time insights, we ensure your tech stack is a strategic asset. Don’t let your investment in technology go to waste. Let’s work together toward an insightful and growth-driven future.

Want to learn more? Discover how Uniply can transform your execution and unlock your team’s full potential.

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